Action Mindsets

This assessment, based off of validated research, will explain your own ACTION MINDSET PROFILE and help you maximize your strengths and face your conflicts.The survey distinguishes your approach to life pertaining to four (4) key mindsets: Risk, Conflict, Decisiveness, and Goal.
Upon completion of the survey, you will receive your unique ACTION MINDSET PROFILE. The assessment distinguishes between the four mindsets of GRIT and the four mindsets of SAFE. See the table below for the descriptions.

Action Mindsets

Risk Mindset


Being brave, courageous, and willing to risk everything for a cause. People may bet against you, but you still pursue your goal and forge new paths along the way.


Preference for the road that will give you the best chance of achieving comfort and stability.

Conflict Mindset


Knowing you may fail, but forging on. You see failure as a learning opportunity and embrace challenges rather than wallow in pity. You believe everything happens for a reason.


If you know you are likely to fail at something, you will choose to avoid it. You opt for a route that is more likely to be successful and less likely to embrace conflict.

Decisiveness Mindset


Moving forward without hesitation. You see a goal and what needs to be done and you do it. You prefer action over waiting.


Preference for planning and strategizing before acting. You might weigh the pros and cons and develop a short, mid, and long-term plan to guide your actions.

Goal Mindset


Even if your goal is in jeopardy, you are persistent and you keep pushing to see it through. You are determined and will not quit until your goal is reached.


Flexibility in the desire to achieve particular outcomes. You display willingness to modify your goals, pursue the goals of others, or drop your goals altogether if too many obstacles present themselves.