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Tired of failing or living a mediocre life?
This book will reveal the tools to turn your life around for the better. Sure, it’s hard work, but as Scott says…

No one ever
drowned in sweat!

Life is full of resistance seeking to sink your dreams. Your Action Mindset could be a key to turning things around. Scott Petinga’s Action Mindsets include Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity (GRIT) which are his foundational ingredients necessary to get his journey started, keep momentum going, effectively handle hurdles along the way, and stick with the task until the destination is reached. You can find out more about these and other Action Mindsets on this website. What are your Action Mindsets?  

How do you handle adversity… and failure? Did you flunk out of school? Become the valedictorian? Have you been fired from jobs? Gone through divorce? Invented a great new product? Your Action Mindsets play a role in how you drive toward, interpret, and react to these events. In spite of the harsh setbacks in his life, Scott has used GRIT Mindsets to get back up after being knocked down and forge ahead towards the fulfillment of his dreams.  What drives you forward?

In No One Ever Drowned in Sweat, Scott focuses on each GRIT Action Mindset and how to successfully use them to reach goals. Your journey is likely different than Scott’s, but your Action Mindsets have helped or hindered you along your path. Your future is your choice. How do you choose to see the world?